Terms of use

Qualities needed to use the service

Our services are reserved for individuals who can conclude contracts according to the law in their country of residence.
The user must respect the laws in force on access to this site.


We offer various services to the User under this agreement.
We reserve the right to modify or withdraw our services at any time without justification. The services are not guaranteed in their entirety due to many factors that may cause them to stop.

Personal information

The user represents and warrants that the contact information he provides in the Debrid-Link forms is true, accurate and complete. The user agrees to maintain and update their informations to ensure that it is true, accurate and complete.

Obligation and responsibilities of the User

The User acknowledges not using our services to download or store copyright infringement digital files. The User acknowledges not using our services to download or store digital files involving children. The user agrees to comply with the law in force regarding digital trust.
The User is responsible for his hosting and downloading, his account, his username and password, the content of the information transmitted, disseminated or collected, their use and updating, as well as all files and services included in the services.
The User acknowledges not to attempt to interrupt our services by any computer means such as computer attacks or to attempt to exceed any limits put in place. Any content present on the site is prohibited for reproduction, whether partial or total, without the agreement of the owners.
The User agrees to use his account wisely. Sharing account, Sharing generated links, Dedicated servers, Multiple accounts, Remote Upload and all other professional uses are prohibited.
Non-compliance with our terms will result in a permanent account being blocked without notice.


The User's account can be fully refunded if not used 14 days after payment. Refund costs are the responsibility of the User. If the service is completely unavailable for more than 1 hour, a compensation for the duration of the unavailability in Premium time could be granted for Premium users.

Mise à jour: 12/05/2022